Going Solo: How to Move Away on Your Own

By 411Moving.com Staff

You did it: you are moving on your own. No family. No friends – just you and your belongings. Whether you are moving for a new job or you are interested in checking out a new town, moving on your own is one of the most exciting and somewhat stressful experiences that you will go through. No need to fret; 411Moving.com will show you how the good can out weight the bad by following our simple moving guide to have a successful move all by yourself.

1. Plan Ahead. As soon as you know that you want to move out of your comfort area, decide on a date and hopefully a location. Locate movers online such as on 411Moving.com where you can enter pertinent information about your moving service (international and full service) estimated weight of your move and your zip code.

2. Talk with the Movers. Within days you should receive phone calls or emails from movers that can service your job. Don’t talk costs over the phone, but rather, ask them questions about their company history, years in the industry as well as types of moves that they generally perform. If all of their information sounds good, you should arrange to meet with them so that they can actually see the belongings you would like moved. Also, ask for customer referrals; if they don’t have them you may want to think twice about using that moving company.

3. Conduct Research. Once you have the chance to talk to your prospective mover, go further in your research and call the customer referrals, check out their rating from the Better Business Bureau. If anything seems shockingly bad (after getting a good impression over the phone), call them again and ask them to explain. Sometimes there is more than one reason to explain poor ratings.

4. Get an Estimate. With any move – whether it’s solo or with a family – you should always receive an estimate from a moving company. This will allow movers to actually see your belongings in order to determine how much a move will cost. As your prospective movers are looking over your items, this is also a great way to ask more questions. Remember, there are no silly questions pertaining to moving. You want to make sure you know everything about a company as well as how they handle worst case scenario situations. Make sure three to five movers come to your home and from there decide which company would be best suited for your needs and the specifics pertaining to your move.

5. Pack. Now that you have decided who will move you, it’s time to get packing! Sometimes considered the dreaded part of movers, packing doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Packing allows you to reassess your belongings so that you can clear away clutter and items you no longer need. Devising items into a keep, toss or donate pile will ensure that you only move on with what you need.

6. Say Goodbye. After all of your preparation, it is now time to say goodbye to friends and family members. Have a going away party so that you can pass along your contact information as well as a way to pass along any items. Make sure you get everyone’s information as well.

Moving on your own doesn’t have to be scary or stressful. In fact, this exhilarating experience will allow to get out of your comfort zone as you make new friends and explore a new city. Moving is not a bad thing and when moving on your own, you will quickly discover how amazing it actually is.

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