Local Moving Services, Tips and Advice

If you are moving within the same state and less than 100 miles then you are considered to be moving locally. If you are moving more than 99 miles or are crossing a state line then it is considered to be an intrastate move and is more expensive.

If someone is requiring help with a local move then they are generally billed by the hour. If someone needs assistance with an intrastate move they are generally billed based on the size and weight of their personal belongings.

When you are selecting a moving company they will send one of their own estimators to your home to provide you with an accurate estimate. These estimates are free of cost because the moving industry is quite competitive. This estimate should include detailed information about the mover, materials, packing, and the insurance available.

There are many conditions that can change the price of your moving services including any objects that are in the way of the path, and the distance from the front door to the area where a moving truck can be safely parked for loading and unloading. You need to know the exact location of your move to get the most accurate moving services estimate.

If you are crossing state lines or aren’t familiar with your own states rules you should be aware that every state has different rules when it comes to moving estimates. In some states it is necessary that the moving company provides you with a fixed price before beginning the moving process. In all states you must be provided with a written estimate because verbal estimates are illegal.

When you are selecting a moving company it is highly recommended that you compare guaranteed prices to make sure you are doing the most accurate comparison of prices and services. You should start by determining which services you will need and then compare several different companies.

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