How to Ease Moving for Your Teenager

By Serena Norr

Let’s face it: Moving and teenagers isn’t exactly a recipe for fun. Moving, in general is a stressful event and adding teenagers who are attached to their friends, school, neighborhood and daily routine will cause additional moving day strain, as well as be a difficult life-changing event for them to process. To alleviate any strain on your teen, we suggest having a discussion, get them involved and even throw them a moving day party. There is no way your teen dread your move with our helpful moving tips.

Have a Talk
As soon as you find out about your move, talk to your teenager about this new adventure and what it means for the family. Maybe you got a new job or we were to purchase a better piece of real estate? Whatever the reasons are, be as upbeat and enthusiastic as possible as you describe your new location, area amenities and the school system. You can get them involved by asking them to do research about your new area such as the location of the shopping centers, restaurants, movie theatres, museums, etc — (based on their interest level. Having open conversation about the move is a healthy way for them to ask questions and let you know of their concerns. Talking about your new home is also a great way to get them excited, which may translate as additional space for them.

Give Them Time
Even after you go through the moving plan, some teens will still be uneasy about uprooting their lives. Give them time and let them know that you understand how difficult the move is for them. Giving them a moving day journal to chronicle this experience, where they can address their thoughts in private or you can give them a moving day scrapbook to collect pictures and sentimental memorabilia from their old home.

Have a Party
Throw a moving day goodbye party for your teen. See if they would like to have a big farewell-maybe a sleepover or outing in your old town with their friends? Saying goodbye in a fun way is a great way for your teen to collect all of their friend’s emails and addresses so that they can stay connected, despite moving far away. 

Put Them to Work: Packing
Of course, moving isn’t just about talking about the move there is the actual work that needs to happen. Put your teen in charge of various moving projects such as purchasing boxes and supplies and doing the packing. This will enable them to get involved and assist you in the process. Instruct them on how to devise a packing system, by going their belongings and placing them in a toss, donate or pack pile. Items that they want to donate can go to a local charity or they can organize a yard sale for some extra cash. The keep pile should be packed into boxes to be organized, based on type (books in one box, clothes in the next, etc). They can then help out younger siblings or designate a room (such as the kitchen) that they can pack.

Put Them to Work: Meeting with Movers
Meeting with moving companies and getting moving quotes is a part of any move. Get your teen involved in this process, by having them make a list of movers in your area, as well as asking friends and family of what moving companies they used and their experiences. Have them come up with three movers that you will meet with. This may spark an interest to see the whole process through, as they get an idea of how involved moving actually is.

Assemble a Moving Kit
Put together a tote bag of your teen’s favorite books, mix of songs on their iPod, food, cards, magazines, travel guides of your new location and videos. Be creative in what you include to keep them engaged on the route to your new home.

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