Moving Planning Tips

When you are moving into a new home there are about a million different things to do. You have to think about everything from switching over utilities to making sure that your pets are fully registered and immunized. There are many different things to plan for other than how much assistance you are going to need packing and moving your personal items.

A moving experience is always stressful but you can make it go smooth with the right amount of planning. You should begin as far ahead of time as possible and create a moving checklist as you think of more things you need to take care of. It is physically impossible to remember everything that you need to handle prior to, during, and after a move.

Begin by writing down different facts about your destination such as what kind of weather they are likely to be experiencing at the time of your move, climate changes, size of the new home, and rules of the new home set by the landlord or community.

You also will need to create a detailed inventory of goods that are perishable, breakable, and unbreakable. It is easiest if you create this inventory room by room. You can pack and mark a specific box containing everything you will need on your first day and have it loaded last so it can be unpacked first.

Also mark an easily identifiable box containing essential paperwork such as house documents, insurance papers, packing lists, bills to be settled, travel tickets, keys to the new residence, as well as bills that need to be paid.

You should also include other things in your to do list such as transferring your children’s school records, pay utility and other outstanding debts, transfer bank accounts, turn off your telephone, heat, electricity, and gas connections. Also remember to disconnect television and internet cables.

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