Questions For Moving Companies

When you are planning a move there are many questions you need to ask your moving company to make sure that you are selecting the right company. You want to start out with what services they are offering. Make sure that they are capable of successfully moving your personal belongings from your current residence to the new destination.

If you have personal belongings that you feel need to be protected with insurance against damages then you need to ask about the types of coverage that each company offers as well as the different costs. Depending on the length of the move you may find that it is cheaper to take your chances on some items then insuring everything for it value.

When selecting a reputable moving company be sure to get the full name and DBA names of the company as well as their address. You also need to get all phone numbers, toll free numbers, and tracking system numbers if they provide this type of service. Ask for the DOT and MC license details to ensure that the company is legit.

You can get a massive amount of information from different company’s websites and in a quick manner. You can easily copy and paste company office information and contact details to exactly where you are moving. The internet is a massive information pool which makes it easier to find what services you are looking for.

It is the law for moving companies to provide each customer with a copy of their “Rights and Responsibilities when you move.” Use the DOT and MC numbers to verify the company’s information. Check the name, addresses, phone number, and other contact details against the information that you have gathered at websites such as the office of secretary of state.

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