Budget Your Moving Process

No one wants to spend a fortune on moving their personal belongings from one place to another, even if they have extra cash on hand to do so. Fortunately cheap moving doesn’t mean that you are forced to sacrifice quality. To be able to move successfully and still be able to save some money you are going to have to plan ahead of time.

The first thing you need to do is determine how much your budget will allow you to spend on your move and stick to that number. Don’t forget to include additional moving expenses such as home repairs, pet deposits, personal storage costs, and tips for your moving company.

It is recommended that you create a detailed moving file that includes any documents and receipts that relate to the move. Many people aren’t aware that their moving expenses might even be tax deductible. You should keep decent records and consult your accountant to find out exactly what is tax deductible.

Depending on your budget and personal capabilities you will next have to determine whether you are going to hire a moving company, rent a moving truck, or hire a self service moving company. For those that don’t want to drive a large rental truck you can opt for a self service moving company which can save you a considerable amount of money when compared to a full service moving company.

Once you have decided what types of services you will need from a moving company you should get several quotes from different moving companies to make sure you get the best price. If something seems too good to be true it probably is so be sure to ask for references of recent customers.

Begin packing your belongings well before the actual moving date to ensure that you are fully prepared. Collect boxes and other moving supplies ahead of time so you can find discounts. Rather than using pricey bubble wrap you can use newspaper and towels or other linen to line your breakables.

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