Why Moving is a Good Thing? (5 Reasons Why Moving on is Positive)

By Richard Farrell
Special to 411Moving.com
For many people, moving brings on a bundle of emotions. There is the stress of dealing with movers, packing and finding movers as well as the uneasiness of moving to a new town or city. However, there is also a sense of change and growth where many people think moving is a positive and worthwhile experience. No matter if this is your first or fifth move, it isn't easy, but we also know that moving is a good thing and can be a positive step towards a new and exciting life. Here are five important positives that can assist in making your move a good thing:

1. Work from the premise that (most) change is good. You could be moving as the result of a promotion, for example, with a complete new life-experience awaiting you with all the challenges and possibilities. Perhaps you might be stuck in a rut and you have made the decision that a change to a new city could be as good as a holiday, a refreshing breath of wind in your life. The excitement and of course the challenges of relocation will help you find yourself again and will naturally encourage you to re-find yourself and re-prioritize in terms of life’s goals.

2. Diversify and diversify again. We all love our comfort zones and tend to persist with them to the exclusion of mind-broadening moves. Certainly, you have your family and friends close by and your social life is well organized, but hey, what about a change of scenery on the human relationship front too? Be certain you are in for a challenge - nobody would move otherwise!

3. Leave your hometown. Variety we are told is the spice of life, so what better experience than to “immerse” one’s self in the ethnic melting pot that makes up so many US cities. Fabulous new life-changing experiences could be out there waiting and you never know what exciting possibilities await you unless you move somewhere else.

4. It really is not so hard. The secret to a successful moving experience, however, often you find yourself moving, is in fact simplicity. Think carefully about your accumulations and ask yourself are they really needed – when  all is said and done the easiest move is going to be the one that involves moving the least amount of possessions whatever they may be. You can start over, beginning with what you carry within you and not what the mover is loading into his truck while he is moving you.

5. No move is necessarily permanent. Suppose you do not like where you end up - stop worrying and move again, if necessary. As your moving company is loading up your belongings, it is important to remember that no move is permanent. Give your new city a whole year before you decide to move again. Oftentimes it may take awhile to get acclimated to a new place and meet people and really feel like you are home. If after that time you are still unhappy, consider an alternative moving destination.

Next step is to set about moving with confidence, eager anticipation and a strong, positive attitude - change is after all a good thing and one that you should enjoy embracing.

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