Get Ready to Move

The average American has moved five to six times in their lifetime so it is likely that everyone has experienced the moving process at least once. The moving experience is much more than packing and moving boxes and furniture from one home to another. There are bills to be transferred and registration to be renewed.

Many aren’t aware that there are busy seasons in the moving industry. If there are busy times then that means there are slow times. Research and you will be able to determine the slower times of the year that are least popular which are commonly weekdays, September through April, as well as the middle two weeks of the month.

One month prior to your lease expiring or your new home closes you should fill out a change of address from and send it to the post office. Research moving companies that offer the services you need and begin making appointments to receive estimates.

A month prior to the move date you should also set up the necessary travel arrangements that are needed for your family and you, including pets. Traveling with pets with include veterinarian medical records, as well as personal dental and medical prescriptions. You should also set up a local savings account in your destination area.

After you have thrown away, donated, sold, or given back everything that you don’t want or own you should begin taking a detailed inventory of everything you own. This list should pay special attention to valuable and breakable items.

You can take this a step further and create a video or photo record of items you own. In any event this document should be kept in an extremely safe place with at least one copy made. In the event of a loss this document will provide the evidence of such property and the condition before the damage or loss occurred.

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