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Recent polls have found that the average American moves about five to six times in their lifetime. There are endless reasons as to why someone would move from one home to another generally it is because of work related reasons. In any event moving is commonly a hard experience both physically and emotionally.

When it comes to moving there are two different options you choose from. You can either hire a moving company who can handle your move for you or you can take the cheaper route of doing it yourself with the help of family and friends.

You should begin by creating a detailed moving plan and budget. It is recommended that you start at least a month and a half before the scheduled moving date. In this plan you will need to determine which items will be moved or stored, the date that the mover will need to pick your belongings up, the date your items will arrive at your new home, and anything else that has to do with your move.

When you are moving don’t forget to take care of little details such as transferring school papers and utilities, closing bank accounts and gym memberships, and returning all library books and returning the card. This list can go on and on so it is important to start way ahead of time to make sure you get everything settled before moving.

Before you pack you should organize your belongings and get rid of all of the clutter. The rule of thumb is to either donate or sell anything that you haven’t used in a year. Pack your personal belongings systematically. Anything that is extremely expensive or breakable you should leave up to professional packers.

When you are selecting a moving company make sure you choose a reliable company. Read every line of the contract and make sure you fully understand everything regarding insurance and permits.

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