Pre Moving Guide

Before you move there are many things you need to handle to ensure a smooth moving experience. Everyone knows to research several moving companies and to check out their backgrounds. There are many things people overlook when they are planning for relocation such as registering their pets in their new area or switching over all their existing debts.

In addition to bills and registration of animals and vehicles, you will need to disconnect old services such as telephone, internet, cable or satellite, heating, and electricity. You also need to create a to do list that includes sending in a post office notification of your new address, obtain a substantial amount of insurance to cover your personal belongings, and switch over health checks and medication information.

Don’t forget about switching over old club memberships or closing them out, returning library books and canceling card memberships, canceling or switching over newspaper and magazine subscriptions.

If you are packing all of your own personal belongings then make a separate pile of anything that was borrowed to that you can remember to return them before the move. If you are lucky enough to pay someone else to pack all of your personal belongings then go through your home and get rid of things you don’t want and find things that don’t belong to you.

Whether you are packing your own home or having movers do it for you, you will need to prepare yourself with a travel kit that includes necessities such as check books, credit cards, personal phone books, identity cards, flashlight and batteries, keys to the new home, toiletries, extra change of clothes, medications, food, towels, alarm clock, games, hats, and windbreakers.

Also go through your home before the moving process has begun and make separate piles with corresponding lists of anything you are willing to get rid of, get fixed, return, or donate. The least amount of items you take with you the less time and money you will spend on the actual move itself.

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