Using a Moving Company

It doesn’t matter what moving company you use as long as you have thoroughly checked to make sure they are reliable and priced correctly. You must be prepared for accidents because they happen even if you chose the best company. Be prepared with a sufficient amount of insurance to cover all of your personal possessions.

One of the first things you can do when searching for a moving company is to be prepared with a document that’s shows a complete inventory of the items that are to be picked up and transported. This list should include details such as the condition of each item. You can even put numbered stickers on each item that corresponds with the list to keep your inventory in order.

Make sure that your inventory list is correct and spend time to carefully review all items as well as their condition. Be aware that any claim you make in the future will be compared to the condition listed on this document.

If you should need to file a claim what happens following it will be based on the type of coverage that you chose for your items. The majority of moving companies offer up to three different types of item insurance or breakage coverage. The basic type of insurance is commonly included at little to no cost by professional moving companies.

The next type of insurance is called cash value coverage and this will cover the original cost of the item minus depreciation. If you were to suffer loss due to a damaged item with this coverage that originally cost you $250 you would be compensated for the amount you could buy a five your old replica for.

The highest priced insurance type is full coverage which will replace any damaged item with a brand new item regardless of cost or how old the item was. This item is a considerable amount more but if you have enough personal belongings to need this coverage you may want to consider exactly how much you need to feel safe. Accidents do occur especially during the moving process where things are constantly moving and traveling.

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