Preparing for Your Moving Day

There are many different reasons that are possible as to why you are moving. You can be moving to obtain a better job, larger home, or even a better area with a lower crime rate. In any event you have finally closed on your home and it is now a month until the date of the move.

A month before you move you need to send in a change of address form. Select a reliable moving company after you have gotten an in home estimate and checked out their background information. At this time you should also begin to make travel arrangements for your family and pets. Get a copy of medical records for your family and change prescriptions over with the new address.

You will be required by your moving company to create a detailed inventory of your personal belongings as well as the price of the items and their condition. It is recommended to create a photo or video record of your personal belongings including a record of serial numbers and receipts if possible.

A few weeks before you move you need to inform the utility company that services your current home as well as the new residence. Inform the utility company of the disconnection date and the new company of the connection needed at the new home. This applies to other services needed in a home such as electricity, gas, garbage disposal, water, and telephone.

There are other services and memberships you will need to cancel and switch over to your new address such as cable, satellite, internet, magazine and newspaper subscriptions, and outstanding balances with companies. You may also need to transfer your funds or close out your current bank savings and checking account.

It is also common that you will need to arrange for cleaning and repainting of your old home after you move out, so make sure you move out soon enough to leave time for these jobs.

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