General Moving Tips

To ensure that you are going to experience the smoothest move as possible be sure to begin planning as soon as possible, at least five weeks prior to the move. Before looking for a moving company to help in the process you will need to begin pricing and cleaning items you would like to sell in a garage sale. You can then donate the remaining items to local charity as a tax deductible donation as long as you remember you save the receipt.

Begin making a checklist that will include everything you need to do before you move, during the moving process, as well as after the move has occurred. You will need to register your children in their new school and get their school records to be transferred. Don’t forget about you pets as their will likely be required to be registered by your new city.

Once you have selected a moving company that is reputable and have checked their references and background information you need to check their insurance and make sure everything is in order. Some homeowner’s insurance companies and renter’s insurance companies deny coverage to personal belongings that are damaged in the process of a move.

There are many things that you will need to transfer and close such as various accounts and services. You will need to close current bank accounts or transfer the funds to the new area’s local bank. Don’t forget about magazine and newspaper subscriptions that need to be transferred as well as library cards and books that are checked out that need to be returned.

It is recommended that you create a pile that contains items that need to be returned to their original owner such as books from libraries, movies from local video stores, and other items belonging to friends and relatives.

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