Tips For Moving With Pets

For most families their pet is like one of their family members and are basically depending on you protection. Moving is a stressful experience even when well planned out, imagine what it is like for our small children or pets that don’t have a clue as to what is going on. Their home with five strange men walking around, packing household items in boxes and taking them away can be frightening for your pets.

If you have any pets before you move to your new residence you need to take your pet a local veterinarian so they can verify the healthy status of your beloved animal. It is recommended that you ask your veterinarian about inexpensive preventive health care and any required vaccinations. Keep detailed files containing your pet’s health records and all registration information.

When you are in the process of moving it is wise to keep your pet’s health records and registration information separated in an easily identifiable box. You never know when an emergency might occur. Make sure that you set aside things that you may need during the travel.

If your move requires you to fly on an airplane then you must check with your airline to see exactly what documentation is needed prior to your pet flying. You also need to know the laws that apply to your pets in your new area. Find out if your pets are allowed in the new home or apartment complex. Many times there will be new registrations or permits that will apply within a specific time period after you move.

It is recommended that you keep your pet close to you or in another room with the door closed while you have the moving company collecting items and placing them in your home. Make sure to let your pet out or take them for a walk during the moving process to help them release some stress. It can also relax you in the process.

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